Federico Gavazzi X75




Company name

Date 2016 - present
Location Milano Area, Italy






Company name

Isobar: a trading division of Dentsu Aegis Limited
Date Jun 2017 - Nov 2017
Duration of work 6 months
Location Milan, Italy

I manage the creation of banners, landing pages, newsletters and dems for various customers and
media centers:
Fastweb: monthly newsletter.
Loacker: creation of various banner campaigns and facebook ads with canvas carousels etc.
Hipp: population of the cm for the Italian localization.
Lego: video localizations for adv campaign. localization banners and facebook ads.
LeasePlan: banner, landing page, dem
Italo Treno: Banner and Facebook ads






Company name

Date Feb 2004 - Dec 2016
Duration of work 12 Years and 7 Month
Location Milano Area, Italy


Date Feb 2014 - Dec 2016

SEO campaign and CRO optimization for Sicurtecto.
Interfaceglobe: Onsite SEO and link building, top positions for various keywords, strong increase in users in target and conversions (interface globe becomes market leader)
Inpegno.it : SEO review of the site, supervision of contents. Link building to bring the site to the top positions and increase traffic to Target. A result much appreciated by Creval.
KidsPlace.it Custom Ecommerce: Prototyping in Axure, UX design, interfacing with the development company.
My Plant Garden: digital project manager, study of navigation and User experience
Sofidel Group http://caring.papernet.it/: digital project manager
Fe-el Programming and editorial plan for the blog with redundancy on the various social networks, writing of some contents related to digital marketing, inbound marketing, seo, sem. Facebook ADV
fe-el digital department - Communication, Creativity, Video creation, Content, Responsive design.


Date November 2011 - February 2013

ING DIRECT personal loans: graphic design
Website Utility: onsite seo - project manager - account
Landing page utility, dem: creativity analysis - project manager - account
Graphics of the section where you find us of ING DIRECT: tool to manage online branches.
carlogavazzi.com Graphics, analytics and cms - project manager - account
ICF-OFFICE.com: Seo onsite - Seo offsite - account
ING DIRECT, various visual communication activities for digital marketing
Creval and Vinci: digital project manager
fe-el. website - Seo strategist, seo onsite seo off site



Date Nov 2009 - Dec 2010

Project manager - Account - Marketer:
ING Direct Web projects, landing pages, minists, DEM, banners
ING Direct institutional website
Institutional site Utility
Carlo Gavazzi Group corporate website production
Site "the science of blood groups"
Caiarossa institutional website (update)
IngDirect Revisitation and creation of the CMS Composer schemes to improve its functionality and seo compatibility.



Project manager - Account - Marketer:
ING Direct Web projects, landing pages, minists, DEM, banners
ING Direct institutional website
Carlo Gavazzi Group corporate website
DUCATI Caffè Roma promotional site
Clifford Chance Company Intranet
Institutional website and MedFit services
Farma Club institutional and service site
Wellcom institutional website
Caiarossa institutional website
Minimouse Company product site
Flash game for the 11LUX ROMA multiplex
Product site Building in Italy
Digitalmagics institutional website

Software design, and strategic positioning:
Concept, design and creation of the CMS Composer schemes for INGDIRECT NV, SEO ONSITE



Polyhedric Consultant, 3d Key Man

Company name

FullSIX Italy
Date ago 2001 - March 2004
Duration of work 2 years 8 months
Location Milan

Mediaworld: Study of design, general creativity ideation, creation of the intro in flash.
Banca Sella: Study of design, creativity ..
Ok medico Design studio, Creativity ideation
Pinkvillage Design studio, Creativity ideation
kinder web page creation and flash intro.
Sperlari creation of institutional pages
Sole 24ore graphic creation of some pages and creative elements
Ciao web icon creations designed and animated in 3dsmax and exported to flash

Telecom "SIRIO campaign" creation of 3d models and putting them on-line, through new generation plug-in
Kinder Ferrero: Experimenting with new techniques for exporting 3d characters in flash. Production of documentation related to the process of realization of the 3d section of kinder-surprise video activities in order to standardize the visual rendering in large-scale production. Modeling of kinder-surprise characters, system setup, animation, flash export for the production of video activities, experimentation and character development for the production of online video games. Study and characterization of Kinder Ferrero Kinder characters Creation Modeling Setup of the Kinderino, better known as Kinder Egg , widespread worldwide scale

PIVOTAL: human face modeling, animation and render, lip-sync post production and interaction with Cecchi Paone for presentation.


Freelance Consultant.

Company name

LLT (Parma)
Dates Tue 2003 - Apr 2003
Work duration 2 months

At the Ltt of Parma, on behalf of the R.I.S. of the Carabinieri of Parma, 3d reconstruction, modeling, animation, video editing, "Cogne case".

Ray Media snc & Dirak snc

Ray Media snc
Key Man, Founder, Creative & Markeing Strategist, SGI reseller

Company name

Ray Media snc
Dates feb 1998 - apr 1999
Work duration 1 year 3 months

3d & visual effects, Marketing and Creativity

Marketing events and courses at SGI (silicon graphics international), technology market.

Non-linear video editing, creation of web tools.
Administrator, 3d designer , 3d artist , 3d animator, non-linear editing.
Company administration , Relationship with suppliers , Development of 3d models , Animation , Rendering , Technical manager.

Production of animations and environmental impacts for companies such as Chef Service-Angelo Pò, municipal and provincial authorities. Sale of dedicated graphic stations and dedicated servers.


Dirak snc

SGI reseller, Founder, ​Creative & Markeing Strategist 

Company name

Dirak snc
Dates set 1996 - Jun 1998
Work duration 1 year 10 months

3d & visual effects, Marketing and Creativity
Administrator, Creative, Graphic and Art
3d designer , 3d artist , 3d animator

Administration of the company , Relationships with suppliers, Development of 3d models, Animation, Rendering,Technical Manager

Production of multimedia cd and video post production for Maurizio Galimberti, Campagna Illy, at Toscana foto festival.

Production of animations for: motion simulators (Uno motion sistem s.r.l.) and environmental impacts (technical studies of architecture and engineering, hospital companies.), industrial design (university lecturers), television production and post-production (commercials for local television networks).



  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages): official website of the open source project developed by Google that allows users to improve the mobile experience.
  • Schema.org: specific vocabulary of tags or microdata that facilitate the understanding of a web page by search engines.
  • Search Intents: reason why a user performs a search. The intent is commonly classified in navigational, informative and transactional and helps to understand the informative question to which the web page must answer.
  • Crawlers: also referred to as web crawlers, spiders or robots, they are computer programs developed to visit websites, read their contents and codify words / terms that can best describe them.
  • Long Tail: expression coined by Chris Anderson in an October 2004 article in Wired Magazine describing an economic and commercial model.
  • Keyword Planning Tool: The Google Ads Keyword Planning Tool is a search tool that allows you to find the most suitable target keywords for display ads, the search network, videos and app. app
  • ScreamingFrog: desktop SEO tool (PC or Mac) that scans links, images, CSS, scripts and apps from websites.
  • HTML: Abbreviation of HyperText Markup Language, a language used for describing web page documents. Indicates the basic elements of the web pages, including the text of the documents and any hypertext links and embedded images
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  • BuzzSumo: platform for content marketing and SEO agencies to discover engaging content and opportunities for outreach
  • KPI or Key Performance Indicators: indicators that allow measuring the performance of a specific activity or process, such as an SEO campaign
  • Google Search Console: Search Console provides reports on which you can perform actions, tools and resources for learning, designed to bring your content to Google Search.
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